Jagat Karma asbl

Imagine Yourself on a lovely sunny day on a terrace in Saint-Gilles or elsewhere in the city, enjoying a nice cup of chai. As rare an occasion the sun is in Belgium, so is our concern with the quality of what we organize. Through our cultural activities and events, we strive to offer you a piece of wonderful India, taking you on an imaginary trip to India, as if you were actually there!
We look forward to welcoming you in our yoga studio, in accommodating you at one of our Indian evening dinners or at another event of ours!

We are a multi-cultural non-profit organization with a common interest in promoting Indian culture in Belgium. Located in multi-ethnical Saint-Gilles, Brussels, we offer various activities to the public touching on aspects of Indian lifestyle: indian cuisine, yoga, cinema, recommendations on traveling to India, cricket projections and much more! 

Cooking Classes

Follow our chef to learn step by step to cook your own Indian meal.

Family Dinner

Eating together as a family is more important today.